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American Behavioral Health Systems (ABHS) is a premier behavioral health treatment agency in Washington State. We’re seeking an Administrator / Executive Director to oversee the operation of our residential facility in Wenatchee, WA.

Our Parkside facility in Wenatchee is a residential treatment facility specializing in co-occurring, mental health, and substance use disorders.


As a Clinical Director / Administrator at ABHS, you will develop and monitor the facility to ensure compliance with Washington State administrative codes and ABHS policies. This position will supervise all aspects of facility programs and lead a multidisciplinary team in providing treatment for enrolled clients.


The Director must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a behavioral health or a related field, with a combination of clinical and management experience. Must have completed a program of formal education in one of the following fields Psychology, Social Work, Nursing or Public Health Administration. Must have demonstrated ability to manage budget and accounting activities. Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and manage complex situations successfully under pressure.

Primary duty summary:

· Assist in planning strategies for improving mental health treatment processes.

·Address any issue pertaining to the immediate provision of treatment services.

·Assist in decision making and policy development for the program.

·Ensure that staff are trained and evaluated on their knowledge of and adherence to compliance policies and procedures specific to their jobs.


The Director of American Behavioral Health Systems – Parkside is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the agency’s licensed or certified behavioral health treatment services and all the key responsibilities required by the Washington State Administrative Codes (WAC), Revised Codes of Washington (RCW’s), applicable Managed Care Organization Policies and Procedures, and American Behavioral Health Systems (ABHS) policies and procedures.

Completes all tasks as identified as the responsibility of an Administrator as indicated in current Washington State Department Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery and Washington Administrative Code (WAC).
The Director must ensure administrative, personnel and clinical policy and procedures manuals are developed, adhered to reviewed and revised on an annual basis and available for staff to review.
Oversee the day to day operations and be available by phone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, either in person on by phone, or assure that a designee with similar qualifications is available.
The Director must employ sufficient, qualified personnel to provide adequate, appropriate treatment, to ensure staff and patient safety as well as other special needs of clients.
Ensure that client care is provided in an environment that prevents transmission of infections and communicable disease among residents, staff and visitors.
Protect client health and safety by developing written policies and procedures consistent with all requirements of WAC 246-337 and that address the following:
Coordination of interagency and intra-agency services needed to provide for client needs.
All medical services are under the supervision of currently licensed, authorized healthcare providers.
Smoking policies and procedures are clearly documented.
Client information is protected, consistent with all state and federal regulations (42 CFR and HIPPA).
Ensure all client rights are protected according to the individual plan of care and that client rights are posted throughout the facility.
Ensure that clients receive nutritionally adequate and appetizing meals that has been stored, prepared and served in a safe manner.
Ensure that all nursing functions are under the direction of a registered nurse who:
Is employed full time or part time,
Approves all nursing policies and procedures
Supervises procedures performed by other nursing personnel,
Provides emergency medical assessment and services.
How to Apply:

Please submit a resume and cover letter explaining your qualifications for this position.


· Medical, Dental & Vision insurance

· Ancillary benefits, AD&D and Life insurance

· 401k with up to a 4% employer match

· Generous vacation time

· Monthly sick time accruals

· Nine paid holidays per year plus a personal day

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